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    OS X, VMware Fusion, Apple Bootcamp

    I have been an Apple convert since the second generation iPod and eventually moved to a MacBook Pro over a year ago.  I have been using VMware Fusion on OS X ever since, and it is frankly a “killer app.”  I recently played with Bootcamp to dual boot in to Windows 7.

    Fusion provides the bells and whistles found in VMware Workstation, including Unity mode.   Unity presents your guest OS applications with the look and feel of OS X apps.  All of your app windows are integrated and can be independently min/maximized.  Brilliant.

    Fusion really shines when Bootcamp is employed.  Bootcamp is Apple’s instantiation of multi-boot, and frankly works well.  Fusion will automagically detect a Bootcamp-based OS, in my case Windows 7, and make it available to launch.  There is no need to conduct the import; the machine is simply listed in available machines.  At first run, Fusion will install tools and prep the guest OS to run virtualized hardware.  Booting the OS via Bootcamp will allow the OS to still run on the bare-metal.

    There have been blog posts, and a VMware KB, outlining the requirement to license Windows 7 in bare-metal mode, and then virtualized via Fusion, due to the fact the underlying hardware has technically changed (bare vs virtualized), however I was not prompted.

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