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    Thoughts on RHEV

    I recently attended a Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization (RHEV) session, and walked away impressed on the amount of improvement that has gone in to the RHEV management suite since I last saw a demo roughly 8 months ago.  In a recent past life I was a (RHEL) Linux zealot, but never really got the warm and fuzzies with Red Hat’s push in to the virtualization space, and their play between Xen and then KVM.

    Things have changed…

    Red Hat has gone the way of VMware with the full-blown distribution footprint, and stripped down footprint (rhev-h).  RHEV supports most of the feature sets that vSphere has supported for years now: LiveMigration (vMotion), a scheduler (DRS), and HA (HA).  RHEV’s management suite however is functionally different where they define a datacenter by the storage that will be used.  NFS seems to be a core choice, as well as iSCSI and FC.  The storage combinations were layed out as NFS+NFS, NFS+iSCSI and NFS+FC.  It would seem that planning on storage, and sticking to it is “the way” with RHEV.  I would suspect Red Hat will move to a more open approach to storage.

    Red Hat also provides PowerShell cmdlets to interact with RHEV-m.  I’m a huge fan of PowerShell, and am glad that more vendors are allowing customers to extend the product scriptomagically.

    Look for more posts as I begin to play with RHEV!

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