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    VCAP-DCD Round-Up

    I sat for the VMware Certified Advanced Processional 4 – Datacenter Design (VCAP4-DCD) recently.  This was my first crack at a “design” test, and didn’t really know what to expect other than few public documents VMware has distributed.  So I put together this round-up.

    I do suggest sitting for the vSphere Design Workshop  http://mylearn.vmware.com/mgrreg/courses.cfm?ui=www&a=one&id_subject=13754.  It is a good review for the test.  My review can be found here: http://philthevirtualizer.com/2010/07/12/vmware-vsphere-design-workshop/

    Review the VCAP-DCD blueprint: http://mylearn.vmware.com/register.cfm?course=76644

    Watch the Exam UI demo: http://mylearn.vmware.com/courseware/82525/VCAPDCD_Tutorial.swf

    Look at questions by fellow VCAP candidates on the VCAP communities site: http://communities.vmware.com/community/vmtn/certedu/certification/vcap

    Another round-up page:


    And be patient.  You have 4 hours to work through the exam.  Best of luck!

    Update:  I have been assigned VCAPDCD-120!

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