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    VMworld session – VSP3305 — Upgrading to VMware ESXi 5.0

    Kyle Gleed presented a session Monday morning to cover tips hints and gotchas for the migration to ESXi 5.0.   5.0 will be the first version of vSphere to only ship with the stripped down ESXi.  No more service console.  At work we conducted the migration from ESX 3.5 to ESXi 4.1 in preparation of the release of 5.0.

    Kyle stressed that script, or command line management of ESXi will be conducted via the esxcli command set, vicfg and PowerCLI.  esxcfg commands have been deprecated.  It is important to note that esxcli commands can be run either local to the ESXi instance, or via the remote CLI suite.

    If you are planning on upgrading your ESXi instances to 5.0 (not including a full install), you must be running ESX 4.x.  NOTE: You can upgrade from ESX 4.x to ESXi 5.0 easily!  You can not upgrade from ESX 3.5 directly to 5.0.

    One important thing to note is that you must have 5G allocated for your boot device, be it SAN or local disk.  The ESXi installer partitions off the first 1G for the OS, and the next 4G for scratch space.

    The usual upgrade path of vCenter to 5.0, followed by ESXi to 5.0, and then virtual machine tool and/or virtual hardware, are steps that were taken from 3.5 to 4.x.  ESXi 5.0 now introduces VMFS-5, which according to VMware is a hot upgrade that does not affect running virtual machines.

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