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    Quick and dirty method to mount BCV/Snapshot

    There are many many blog posts about mounting BCV (Business Continuity Volume) or SAN Snapshots, however here is my method.  It is a quick shell script to run on each ESXi server.  Add it to your business operations manager, and create an ad-hoc method of mounting BCV/snaps for a DR exercise.

    NOTE: Commands are in bold.

    Verify from the storage team that they have assigned the BCV/snap to your hosts

    SSH in to ESXi server (assumes you have all of the buttons pressed and knobs turned)

    Search of the BCV/snap volumes.  Do: esxcfg-volume -l  Note: Be patient, this may take a few minutes.

    The output will be as follows:

    VMFS3 UUID/label: <Datasture UUID>/<Datastore label>
    Can mount: Yes
    Can resignature: Yes
    Extent name: naa.<device ID>     range: <size in MB>

    It is now possible to mount the volume manually via the Datastore UUID or Datastore Label.   Do: esxcfg-volume -m <Datastore UUID -OR- Datastore Label>
    Note: This will conduct a force mount of the volume.
    If there are powered-on VM’s on that datastore, you can unmount it.  Do: esxcfg-volume -u <Datastore UUID -OR- Datastore Label>

    To magically wrap this up to scan for any assigned BCV/snaps and mount them automagically, run the following:

    for volume in `esxcfg-volume -l |grep VMFS3 |awk ‘BEGIN {FS=”/”} ; {print $2}’ |awk ‘{print $2}’` ; do echo “Mounting volume with UUID $volume” ; esxcfg-volume -m $volume ; done

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