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    PowerCLI: Get HP DL server Serial Number via vCenter and iLO

    Need a quick and easy way to get the serial numbers from you ESXi servers running on HP hardware?

    Fire up this code (snagged and modified from a vmware community post by RvdNieuwendijk.


    • You have an iLO configured on each server, and online
    • You have vCenter access
    # change the variable to whatever you name your iLO
    # example: -iLO or -OA etc
    get-vmhost | where-object {_.Manufacturer -eq "HP" } | \
    sort-object -Property Name | %{
     # Since your ESXi box is attached to vCenter by FQDN,
     # we split the string on "." and take the first
     # element [0] which is the server's short name
     $shortname = ($".")[0])
     $xml = new-object system.xml.xmldocument
     # add together $shortname and $ilo to get "server-ilo"
     new-object psobject -property @{
       "Name" = $shortname
       # Parse the XML and only grab the server serial number
       "SN" = $xml.RIMP.HSI.SBSN

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