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    Place ESXi in to Maintenance Mode from vCloud Director

    So you have your handy dandy cloud built on top of VMware vSphere and vCloud Director. And then you find out you need to conduct maintenance on the host.  What to do?

    Easy!  Browse to:

    • System-> Manage & Monitor
    • vSphere Resources -> Hosts
    1. Find the host you need to place in to maintenance mode, right click and select Disable Host.
    2.  At that point, the status will turn from a green circle with a check, to a red circle.
    3. Right click on the host again and select Redeploy All VMs.
    4. The ESXi host will go in to maintenance mode in the vCenter server and evacuate all virtual machines as usual.
    5. (Optional!) If you see vsla errors (such as the screenshot), issues with deleting vApps, Unprepare the host which removes the vCloud agent from ESXi
    6. (Optional!) Prepare the host for vCloud by pushing the vCloud agent to ESXi
    7. When maintenance is complete, right click and Enable Host.
    8. And your work is complete!

    2 responses to “Place ESXi in to Maintenance Mode from vCloud Director”

    1. Jeff says:

      When I do this, I see the host go into maintenance mode and mgrate VM’s off the host then it immediately takes the host back out of maintenance mode?

      is this intentional? my expectation would be for the end state to be in maintenance mode.

      this is VCD 5.1.1 on ESXi 5.0u1

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