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    Fun with VMware Capacity Planner

    August 2nd, 2010

    VMware Cap Planner is a great tool to provide guidance for physical to virtual conversions (P2V).  I found some caveats when running the to0l for Linux hosts:

    • Grab the latest version of PuTTY from here, and expand the archive in the “3rd Party” directory under VMware Capacity Planner
    • Create a User-Defined group and then import your hosts via the Import Command, and select your new group.
    • A non-root user can be used, and most of everything needed can be captured via this method.  I only found a KB on vmware talking about using root, but a security policy blocks interactive root, in my case.
    • Right-click on one of your newly added hosts, click utilities and then Test Connection to verify your account works.

    Another caveat, related to performance is to exclude the ..VMware Capacity Plannertemp directory from real-time virus scanning.  You may also want to exclude the ..VMware Capacity Planner*.mdb and *.idb files.